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Quick Review of Spybubble PRO: Spybubble PRO gets A++! With the recent addition of Spybubble PRO phone spy update Spybubble is now, HANDS DOWN, THE BEST cell phone spy software on the planet. The Spybubble Pro plan has more spy features that ANY other cell phone spy at a price that is not just lower, but DRAMATICALLY lower price than ANY cell phone spy software on the planet.


Spybubble has certainly come a long way since its birth in late 2012. From its modest beginnings of a highly criticized phone spy with very few spy features and an extremely slow to respond technical support staff, to now being the most powerful and STILL the least expensive cell phone spy on the planet. Spybubble has been creeping along over the past couple of years gradually adding spy features and in spring of 2012 Spybubble finally released their PRO spy plan.


The following are the NINE new spy features part of Spybubble PRO spy plan. All of the spy features part of the Spybubble BASIC spy plan are also included in the Spybubble PRO spy plan.

  1. LIVE CALL INTERCEPTION: this one Spybubble PRO addition to the Spybubble spy family is the most coveted spy feature. This one spy feature USE to be dominated by Flexispy spy at a whopping price of $349 for a single year. Now you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for this spy feature. Live Call Interception is the ability to be notified when the target cell phone makes or receives a phone call at which point you can instantly and silently be patched into the conversation without either side of the conversation being aware of your presence.

  2. ENVIRONMENT BUGGING AUDIO SURVEILLANCE: another highly desired and powerful spy feature. The ability to send the Spybubble loaded cell phone a special Spybubble PRO SMS command which activates or turns on the cell phones mouthpiece or microphone. You then can hear everything going on around that cell phone within 20-30 feet of its current location.

  3. RECORDING OF ENVIROMENT BUGGING AUDIO SURVEILLANCE: the ability to record the room audio surveillance sessions which is the Spybubble PRO spy feature described above.

  4. SMS TEXT MESSAGE FORWARDING: Spybubble has always had the SMS spy feature which is being able to see every text message sent and received by the target phone. Spybubble PRO's SMS FORWARDING feature allows you to get access to these text messages even faster as they are forwarded directly to your cell phone almost immediately after they are sent or received by the target in real time.

  5. REMOTE CONTROL: the ability to control the target cell phone with Spybubble PRO SMS commands as well as manipulate the Spybubble PRO application settings on the target mobile phone.

  6. LIVE PHOTO CAPTURE: the ability to send a Spybubble PRO SMS command that will cause the target phone to take a picture immediately after this SMS command has been sent. The image then becomes available to you in your Spybubble PRO members area.

  7. LIVE VIDEO CAPTURE: the ability to send the target cell phone a Spybubble PRO SMS command which causes the target cell phone to begin capturing up to FIVE MINUTES of uninterrupted video capture. Video becomes available for your viewing in your Spybubble PRO member area.

  8. BBM BLACKBERRY MESSENGER SPY: if the cell phone you want to spy on is a Blackberry BBM is an instant messaging program for the Blackberry. Very important the spy software will capture these messages because quite often Blackberry users will communicate through BBM instead of SMS so you could miss a lot. Spybubble PRO lets you capture all of BBM messages.

  9. WHATSAPP UNIVERSAL SMARTPHONE MESSENGER SPY: this is similar to the BBM program except WhatsApp will work for all smartphones. Without a phone spy program to capture these messages you never know what you may be missing. Spybubble PRO captures WhatsApp messages.

The Spybubble PRO spy plan also includes all of the BASIC spy features listed below.

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The follow are all the spy features part of the original Spybubble spy plan which is now referred to as Spybubble BASIC spy plan.

  1. CALL HISTORY SPY: see every phone call made and received by the target phone. Includes time and length of phone calls and who they are to and from. This spy feature on both Spybubble PRO and Spybubble BASIC spy plan.

  2. SMS HISTORY SPY: see every text message sent and received by phone with Spybubble spy app on it. Includes time of text messages as well who SMS are sent to and from. This spy feature on both Spybubble PRO and Spybubble BASIC spy plan.

  3. GPS LOCATION TRACKING: see where the holder of the target cell phone goes and when they go they on the GPS location tracking map in your Spybubble spy members area. This spy feature on both Spybubble PRO and Spybubble BASIC spy plan.

  4. URL WEBSITE SPY: see websites visited by the target cell phones web browser. This spy feature on both Spybubble PRO and Spybubble BASIC spy plan.

  5. PHOTOS CAPTURED SPY: any photographs taken by the cell phone with Spybubble PRO or Spybubble BASIC installed on it can be seen by you including when each photo was captured by the phone.

  6. PHONEBOOK CONTACT LIST SPY: see names and numbers stored on the target phones contact list. This spy feature on both Spybubble PRO and Spybubble BASIC spy plan.

  7. EMAIL SPY: see all emails sent and received by the target phone including time of each email as well as who they are sent to and received from. This spy feature on both Spybubble PRO and Spybubble BASIC spy plan.

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This is the most amazing part about the Spybubble PRO spy plan although we should not be too shocked as price has ALWAYS been one of Spybubble spy software best features. Spybubble PRO spy plan is a mere $89!! How this is possible is absolutely astounding and with a price like this and ALL the Spybubble PRO features Spybubble is now going to blow all other phone spy software into the dust and put them out of business.


The only phone spy software we will compare to the Spybubble PRO spy plan are phone spy software that have these more advanced Spybubble PRO features such as LIVE CALL INTERCEPTION and AUDIO SURVEILLANCE ENVIRONMENT BUGGING. You can clearly see from the chart below all the major cell phone spy software have less spy features than Spybubble PRO and all other phone spy are WAY more expensive. As far as guarantees of satisfaction none of the other spy software compare to Spybubble either.

Spybubble PRO spy plan 16 spy features YES $89 30 days
Flexispy Omni 11 spy features YES $349 10 days
Mobistealth PRO X 11 spy features audio surveillance only $199 10 days
StealthGenie Platinum 15 spy features some phone models $199 unknown

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The mobile phones Spybubble PRO is compatible with are the same phones compatible with the original Spybubble spy or Spybubble BASIC spy plan. Here is a list of all mobile phones compatible with Spybubble cell phone spy - both BASIC and PRO spy plans.


October 2010: Spybubble cell phone spy first released. Spybubble only has 5 spy features inluding call history spy, SMS history spy, GPS location tracking, Contact list spying, Websites visited spying. Technical support highly criticized quickly for being very slow and unresponsive. This was solely due to the popularity of Spybubble vastly exceeding expectations resulting in understaffing. Spybubble was also quickly criticized for having very few spy features.

March 2011: Spybubble resolves understaffing problem. Any technical support questions answered within 24 hours time.

July 2011: Spybubble adds 3 more spy features including Email spying, Photos captured spying, and Email spying.

April 2012: Spybubble releases Spybubble PRO spy plan adding 9 more spy features to their spy features list.

Future plans for Spybubble Spy: toll free 1-800 technical support added for live person to person customer support. Expected by late fall 2012. Possible price increase expect. Current customers of Spybubble not affected by any price increases.


The following are cell phone spy related words or terms used in this Spybubble PRO review.

target cell phone: the cell phone being spied on which is the same cell phone Spybubble PRO is installed to monitor that cell phones activities.

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